The International Society of Metal Music Studies at Metal and Marginalisation – Imke von Helden

We’re excited to announce that quite a few members of the International Society of Metal Music Studies (ISMMS) will be present at the Metal and Marginalisation Symposium in York. This workshop and its dedicated organisers provide us with the opportunity of introducing ISMMS and the forthcoming journal Metal Music Studies. Metal and Marginalisation marks the prelude to a series of academic events from one-day workshops to international conferences that will take place in collaboration with ISMMS.

ISMMS is a society dedicated to promoting the transdisciplinary work on metal studies – on the music, the scenes, the globalisation of metal music, metal politics and philosophy and much more. Its aims are to connect metal enthusiasts and critics, scholars in- and outside of academia and non-academics worldwide. Heavy metal is a field of research that can be analysed from different disciplinary perspectives and we want to encourage the interaction and communication between those disciplines and thus enhance analysis and understanding of the metal phenomenon.

For more information beforehand see our facebook-page, or join the Metpol mailing list at


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